How to hide DNS provider


Many are not even aware that when using a VPN, you can find out the actual location on the information that passes the browser when you log on to any site, such as information about your DNS server your ISP. Before you learn how to hide DNS, it will be useful to know what it is and how it works.

What is DNS, how it works and why palitsya DNS provider?

DNS (Domain Name Server) - is designed to convert domain names into IP addresses and vice versa, which has a tree-like hierarchy and a unified database of domain names. When accessing the domain name of an Internet resource, such as a domain name, first there is an appeal to the DNS server, which is assigned automatically when you connect your ISP, or specified manually in the network settings, and only then establish a connection to the web server on the IP. When you connect to the VPN server also automatically assigned DNS, but at the same time still uses the DNS provider. This problem occurs in all versions of Windows, and is the priority DNS server your ISP over DNS VPN server.

To hide DNS, you must do these simple steps:

1) Go to "Start> Control Panel> Network Connections Control Center or Network and Sharing Center"

2) Select the network connection that is used to access the Internet and go to "Properties"

3) Internet Protocol Version TCP / IPv4

4) Select "Use the following DNS-server addresses".

Specify the DNS-server address:

Save the settings.

All safe surfing!