Forward a public or static IP address from OpenVPN Tunnel

forward public IP-address from OpenVPN

Sometimes there is a need in obtaining a static or public IP-address, but an Internet provider, for any reasons, cannot give it to you. Some Internet providers give dynamic IP-addresses, then DDNS connection is sufficient, because an access will be ensured by a domain name; however many providers use NAT, in such a case DDNS capability is useless. The solution is to forward a public or static IP-address through VPN; being connected to VPN, a computer becomes accessible from any Internet network point. Using OpenVPN it is also possible to forward IP-address range from one provider to another, from one country to another. The main advantage is securing the IP-address range even in case when you change a provider. Currently, due to depletion of IPv4 addresses, the above possibility is the almost sole one to obtain a provider-independent address range. To obtain a static IP-address, please contact the technical service office.